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Empowering African youth with the tools, resources, opportunities, and support they need to thrive in today’s competitive world

With struggling economies and high rates of unemployment young people face the prospect of not getting decent jobs and lack funding opportunities to start businesses.

Itosona is an all-inclusive online community platform designed to support the personal and professional growth of young individuals. It offers mentorship, training courses, job opportunities, and a supportive community to help African youth navigate their journey towards success.

We want to inspire the next generation of young people through building strong community networks, technology platforms and partnerships.
To be an inclusive community platform that aims to achieve sustainable development objectives by enhancing the skills of young African talents.
Producing the next generation of social entrepreneurs and agents of change

What we Offer


All inclusive platform to help you achieve your career goals. Find suitable work opportunities, gain valuable work experience through internships or apprenticeships and career development through mentorship and coaching.

Young Entrepreneurs

Itosona is built to meet young entrepreneurs needs. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we’ll help you build and turn you business into a sustainable one.​​

Mentors & Professionals

Join our networks and help to empower the youth The Mentorship Network connects tomorrow’s leaders with experts in their profession of choice who can provide sound advice and guidance for career development. Our mission is to bridge the diversity gap, connecting the diaspora and empowering global communities of leaders.​

I endeavor to enforce social change and equality for the underprivileged through education and social activism..

Penny Buthelezi


Itosona prides itself as a social and well being organization aimed at providing a seamless channel in skill development, job creation and cultural values.

We are committed to recruiting the best and focused talents to foster growth and development through mentorships and partnerships that will positively promote culturally enriched, prosperous and sustainable economy.

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